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Lens Control Center
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Take command of your Lens Desktop experience with our brand-new offering, the Lens Control Center. Designed with large enterprises in mind, it brings an elevated level of control, customization, and security to your fingertips. Gain a more streamlined, secure, and centrally-controlled way to manage Lens Desktop deployments across multiple teams or even entire organizations. Ideal for enterprises aiming to consolidate, streamline and standardize their Lens experience, it's your control tower for managing a Lens deployment at scale.

Single Sign-On

Get onboard seamlessly using corporate login credentials provided by systems such as Google, Okta, Azure, or Active Directory. The Single Sign-On feature ensures security, reduces the risk of password fatigue, and expedites the authentication process by integrating your corporate SSO with Lens. No more manual password management — get started with Lens in a snap.

Account Hierarchy

Managing multiple teams or departments? Our Account Hierarchy feature allows you to associate several Lens Business IDs with a parent Lens Business ID, centralizing procurement and management of Lens Pro across multiple units. It simplifies your billing process, ensuring that all subscriptions purchased by child accounts are billed to the parent account, giving you a consolidated view of your usage and expenditure.

Feature Management

With our Feature Management, you can take control of your Lens experience. This feature allows administrators to toggle Lens Pro features across all users within their Lens Business ID, ensuring a consistent experience, reducing user onboarding time and keeping your deployment in line with corporate policies. You dictate the experience - standardize configurations, ensure security and reduce support efforts across all users.

Air-gapped Mode

In highly regulated or security-conscious environments, our Air-gapped Mode shines. Configure Lens Desktop to stop all outbound internet traffic, ensuring compliance with strict network security policies. Now, you can work securely, with only network traffic between you and your clusters, making Lens an ideal solution for businesses operating in highly secure environments.

Join the Lens Movement with Control Center

Empower your organization with the Lens Control Center. Experience the future of Lens Desktop management that combines convenience, control, and security in a modern, user-friendly package. It's more than just a feature-set; it's a step towards transforming the way you manage your Kubernetes environment.

Lens Desktop Pro


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